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Welcome to Woodland Middle School Academy

Jeff Conquest Jeff Conquest

Welcome to Woodland Middle School Academy. Our school ethos is a values-based one where our expectations for attainment, achievement, well-being and our common values are set very high.

I am so proud of the pupils and staff for their achievements at Woodland; the website including the Blog, the Woodland Wonderings, the Galleries and other resources are a way of celebrating their huge contribution to making our school such a popular place to be. If you like our website and want to come and visit us – please call us and we’ll make you welcome.

If you're an existing parent/carer please check out our news/updates which can be found on our Twitter


Through our curriculum, we acknowledge our responsibility to all learners, to enrich lives and show kindness and respect within our school and wider community. Our curriculum is a learning journey; which aims to equip our children with the knowledge, values and skills that they will require to live fulfilling lives today, as well as preparing them for their future in the wider world.


Our curriculum has been designed to ensure each and every child can 'develop a love for learning and life' by offering stimulating, creative, inspiring and challenging learning experiences with values at its heart.

At Woodland Middle School Academy, we  not only by focus on appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum, but also model Values Based Education by developing individual and collaborative learning experiences, resilience, a sense of responsibility and community;  and provide experiences that take pupils beyond the classroom.

 Our curriculum will raise awareness of the local area through to national and global arenas, developing outward looking pupils who are able to engage in learning about themselves and have an understanding of the wider world and its complex cultures.


Through quality teaching of knowledge, skills and vocabulary across core and foundation subjects, all children will be challenged to be inquisitive, compassionate, tolerant and creative learners.  Effective learning characteristics include being ambitious, happy, reflective, independent and imaginative and will drive teaching and learning.


Our children will have a set of skills, knowledge and values, which they can use confidently to ‘get ahead’ in education and life more generally. In short, they will become caring, confident and curious young people, thus enabling them to be ready for their next stage in education.


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