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Learning Mentoring at Woodland

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the provision of support and guidance to pupils and those engaged with them, by removing barriers to learning. Mentors promote effective participation, enhance individual learning, raise aspirations and encourage pupils to achieve their full potential.

What to expect

Mentored pupils will have time with the learning mentor, mutually agreed by teachers and mentor. When a referral is made the purpose of mentoring will be outlined and the child and mentor will devise an action plan to work towards achieving set goals. Including the child in this process ensures they are able to have some control over what they are committing to work on, and increases the chances of them engaging in the process.

How referrals are made

Mentoring is available to all pupils, and any member of school staff, or parents, may ask for a child to be considered for mentoring accessing referral, and should in the first instance contact the child’s form tutor.


The child undergoing mentoring will be made aware the mentor will ‘keep trust’ with them – this contract is fundamental to the shared understanding the mentor has with the child. The mentor ensures the child is able to give informed consent about information being shared about them, and every child is made aware that no practitioner can offer complete confidentiality. Due to the necessary input and co-operation of staff regarding the goals and outcomes of mentoring, the mentor will often liase with staff to ensure the child’s needs are met.