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A values based school



Our Values-based school...teaches much more than the National Curriculum!

The standards of personal behaviour and self-discipline at Woodland Middle School are high.  The rules are simple and require each child to demonstrate the values that as a school we have established as the core of Values Education. As a school we are conscious of the need to ensure the wellbeing of all members of both the School and the wider community. 

The full list of the 20 values that we tackle through Values Education are; respect, tolerance, kindness, fairness, honesty, care, commitment, co-operation, peace, love, humour, hope, freedom, empathy, aspiration, courage, appreciation, perseverance, happiness, acceptance, thoughtfulness, unity.

Each month we focus our assemblies, our form time discussions and ad hoc chats in lessons on a different value. Values form part of our policies, staff interviews, our approach to parents and visitors but most importantly our staff are expected to model the values in their behaviour so that our pupils reflect them back. The hope for the future is that this approach will effect change within our community in our pupils' future lives.



Woodland Middle school is where all learners have opportunities to raise their potential not just achieve their potential.

A school where expectations for attainment, achievement, well-being and common values are high. All learners are developing a love for learning so that we are all equipped for our common futures.

Woodland Middle school is a very happy, well-disciplined and hard working community, which aims to allow all of its pupils to enjoy success.  Pupils are encouraged to think about how to behave within our community through our Values Education programme that instils a sense of moral purpose by exploring values such as respect, tolerance, compassion, fairness and love.

We are justifiably proud of the broad and balanced curriculum that Woodland Middle School provides for its pupils, from the specialist facilities and teaching from Year 5 onwards to the extra-curricular provision such as sports teams, our music and drama clubs, field trips and countless visitors for special events.

Woodland Middle School entered a new chapter in its history in April 2011 when it converted to become the first Middle School Academy in Central Bedfordshire. This means that the school is an independent government funded school.