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Dear Parents/Carers,

 Following on from yesterday’s communication I can now confirm that the DfE have stated that Middle Schools should bring Y6 back to school in line with all Primary and Junior schools nationally. I want to assure parents and Y8 pupils however, that we will continue to push for Y8 to have some time back at Woodland this term too – if this is permitted by the PM. We would also ideally want Y4 to have some transition time at Woodland too – if this can be arranged with Lower Schools and again be permitted by the DfE/Gov.

 The DfE guidance that we have received has lots of detail and includes references to class sizes – maximum of 15. At Woodland we will be having class sizes of maximum 10 as this is how we can guarantee that pupils will be 2m apart seated at their tables. There is also reference to non-sharing of equipment – which is why every child will have their own pack of stationary provided and will not be allowed to bring their own equipment to school, other than a lunch box and water bottle. The message that TOUCH IS BAD needs to be reiterated to the pupils at home – over and over ahead of a return to school.

Parents should be reassured that fines will NOT be used for non-attendance, but we do want an arrangement where pupils are either attending or not – there should not be a situation where pupils are attending occasionally like they would at a child care facility. Parents of Y6 pupils, you will need to consider what your plans will be for your child as we will be writing to you to seek confirmation of attendance, in the event that the PM states that the condition (R value, current C19 cases etc…) is right to re-open schools. In this correspondence we will set out the exact arrangements including timings, entrance & exit arrangements, timetable including break arrangements and the new school rules.

 Key worker places at our child care provision will be unaffected in terms of timing and capacity BUT the rules will be tightened and the freedoms lessened due to the significant larger number of pupils and staff on site. We will be raising our capacity for key workers so if you do need to apply for a new place (Years 5,7 &8) via the website please do. Year 6 pupils will no longer be placed in the child care provision on the days when their class is in school - but will join the Y6 lessons.

 Best wishes & of course stay alert…
Jeff Conquest