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Dear Parents/Carers,

I have asked all our form tutors to begin to have regular Video Conferences with the whole form class. These will focus on wellbeing and also information/support for pupils.

Staff have their procedural guidelines to follow, but we would like you to be aware that these conference calls are an extension of our use of Google Classroom and to let you be aware of our expectation for pupil conduct.

 Parental Guidance on Woodland Procedures for using Google (Class) Meet

  1. Host teacher must be in school.
  2. Parents agree to the conference calls by giving permission to their child to have access to Google Classroom.
  3. Each session will be recorded.
  4. Pupils must be dressed appropriately and ideally access Google Classroom from a family space in the home.
  5. Normal school rules and expectations apply.

 Further information can be gained from Mr Griffin griffinl@woodlandacademy.co.uk

Jeff Conquest