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Music Tuition

Dear Parent/Carer

Here at Woodland Middle School we offer a wide range of instrumental lessons to compliment your child’s musical learning throughout their time at Woodland.  We offer lessons through different music providers.

The following lessons will be offered privately through the school; guitar and drums. This means that parents will make payments directly to the instrumental teachers, lessons will be paid for a term in advance and if pupils wish to stop they must give their instrumental teachers half a terms notice in writing. Lessons will still be offered during the school day and there will be approx 11 lessons a term. If there are instrumental groups offered to pupils for their chosen instrument then they must attend one extra curricular activity, this could range from choir to guitar/rock group.

The following lessons will continue to be offered through the local music service; Piano/Keyboard, Strings (violin, viola, cello), Brass, Woodwind (clarinet, flute, saxophone and oboe) and singing lessons. This means that parents will make payments directly to the music service, lessons are paid for a term in advance and if pupils wish to stop they must give the music service half a terms notice in writing.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to register an interest for your child to learn a musical instrument from September.  This is not the official sign-up sheet.  That is given upon meeting the teacher.  If there are too many pupils for one instrument then names are placed on a waiting list until spaces become available. Priority will be given to those currently having music lessons at their lower school.  We are unable to offer all lessons privately due to the pupils needing their own instrument to learn on and by using the music service for woodwind and strings, pupils are loaned an instrument (where possible) by the music service. Pupils need their own instrument for guitar lessons.

Please note: some instrument lessons will not have the option for shared lessons

Any pupils who are having music lessons currently at their lower school who will either be wishing to transfer to our private lessons from September or stopping music lessons at the end of term must give notice in writing to the Inspiring Music Service by their deadline date.

Please complete the reply form below, ideally before the end of the Summer term if you wish for your child to be considered to continue their existing music lessons or to start learning a new instrument from September. Lessons through the music service will automatically be continued.  Please do not send in any money with this form.  

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you require any further information or alternatively email myself direct on bryana@woodlandacademy.co.uk

Yours Sincerely
Ms Alex Bryan
Leader of Music