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Careers Guidance and Provider Access Statement

At Woodland we want all of our pupils to understand the vast range of opportunities available to them in todays’ fast changing world. We pride ourselves on helping pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills essential to successfully navigate the workplace today and into the future.

Pupils are exposed and encouraged to discuss the various qualifications and future career pathways that suit their personal likes and dislikes. Therefore preparing them for the next step in their educational journey where they will be faced with decisions about their future study.

We endeavour to provide our pupils throughout Key Stage 3 to learn from local and national employers about work and the skills they value.

Student voice during the programme is always welcome, influencing content making it more relevant to individual pupils. The programme aims to encourage pupils to be aspirational, recognise personal skills, appreciate different training and career paths as well as challenge common career and gender based stereotypes.

Our careers leader is Mrs S Ashby (ashbys@woodlandacademy.co.uk)

Careers guidance and provider access statement 2022.pdf